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Desire, Fame, Relate, Roots, Create, Commune, Wisdom, Destiny, Heart

In life, success comes when we move in evolved steps from place to place, following treasured maps of mastery while creating our own careful, thoughtful design in accord with the greater universal pattern flow. 


The 9-Star Passport method is a new map. Based on systems of healing found in many cultures, from the Native American Medicine Wheel to the Incan Cross to the Yantras of the Yogis, we structure around the map of 9 life-areas known as the Bagua of China and The Tracing The Nine Stars ritual of the Tibetan Tantric Buddhism Black Hat Sect tradition of Feng Shui. The rituals, blessings, oracles, symbols, and meditations have many cultural sources, all engage awareness and balanced relationship of body to space and to earth's sacred geometry. such as the golden triangle and Magic Squares found in mathematics and....


Scientists call these timeless syncs "fractals" or “expanding and evolving symmetry.” Physicists call it “Constructual Law.” Artists call it "the golden ratio."

Symbols are the keys to the timeless manifestation matrix of our universe; whether we follow them via maps, games, or a pathway through a home.  The 9 Star Passport is aligned with the mathematical game concept of the Magic Square, a symbol itself as an algorithm of numbered squares found in multiple philosophy and technology systems. In fact, today we see this same 9-square crosshatch grid pattern every day in the intrinsic patterns we use in our world to enter codes and get from place to place, from hashtags to our phone keypad to the body’s chakra system we tweak weekly in yoga class.  


The 9 Star Passport system is a new interpretation of the ancient and intuitive. Tracing and applying the system aligns us with deep insights and the universal sacred geometry of body, home, business, and Earth all at once. 


How I Can Help You

While based on ancient ways of many global traditions, The 9-Star Passport system brings modern connection and alignment to our current desires ...
from the syncing of plans and intention to the design of spaces, even
to the development of a new brand
and all its platforms.

"The 9-Star Passport system essentially aligns the energy between our body; the design of objects; private spaces; public spaces like towns, cities, and beyond, to the earth's geography itself.”
– Jade Dressler


Logos of Brands Enhanced by The 9 Star Passport

Jade Dressler presents


a life and design navigational system for people, brands, and spaces beyond. 


“It was way back in 2002 when I had the first glimpse of The 9-Star Passport, sprung from a purely visceral “aha moment” upon being taught a Feng Shui ritual called Tracing The Nine Stars. The ritual traces a specific sequential pattern in actual physical space and I instantly recognized the sync of this universal rhythmic movement as geometry’s fractal, mathematic’s magic square and art and design’s golden triangle. Years later, when in a meditation, I felt the pattern sync with my chakras from a lifetime of practicing yoga, and I realized the multi-culti, inter-connected and aligned power gift of this ritual. I began to practice it (A Lot!) and in every which way it lined up, provided "wow" insights, and expanded the dimensions of my thoughts, creativity, and experience.

For years I did this behind the scenes in my consulting work with my luxury lifestyle and pop-culture experts and brand clients. When I began sharing the actual process with clients, they too marveled at it and realized successes as a result!"

Jade Dressler



Your biz. Your office.
Your Community. Hospitality.
Real Estate. Retail. Wellness. Commerce, c’mere.
Let’s get transformed.


Your legacy brand
seeks facelift. Your fresh
start-up seeks its ID.
Click here for THAT.


Your Body, Your Temple.
Your home and
healing issues…
Bring them!

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