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Hi Jade. The insight was great. It was a bit of a relief that we were headed in the right direction. Thank you for the solutions to the issues we did have. We find the concept of Feng Shui very interesting and found it very helpful to speak with someone who knows about it.

A.L. | Architect for Beverly Hills home

Jade is a pleasure to work with – a true original that approaches her work with an artistic and inspired vision that very few have!

David Sprouls | President, New York School of Interior Design

Thank you so much!! I love this new approach!!! Very smart !!!

All great! Thank you!
Scott Sanders | Interior Designer 


Dearest Jade,

I really don't like public speaking and because I am so outgoing and gregarious I don't like that I don't like public speaking which makes the whole experience beforehand so fraught with anxiety for me. 

Thank you, Thank you - you are so much more than just an excellent media trainer - you are a shamansita, a coach, a cheerleader, really Jade you are a healer in your work and I am beyond grateful to you.  

Looking forward to jumping into our next project soon. 


J.F. | Expert, Client

You are really good at what you do. Thank you for your help. I loved what you wrote. I would love to spend one on one time with you. You are very wise.

C.T. | Curator, Hotel Owner


Many wonderful things have happened to me and our family, and I do believe they will continue. My son’s asthma made a 90% improvement. Our family relationship has improved 100%. Financially we received a $25K bonus that wasn’t planned…thankful for all the blessings that have come to our family large and small!

C.B. | Educator

Thank you so much for feng-shui-ing my home. I have my cures completed and truly noticed a difference.

L. | Realtor

I got cast in a national commercial this week! I think just clearing the energy in my house a little bit did the trick. Thank you again for help on the house. I’m so appreciative.

J. | Actress

Thank you so much for your help! It’s just amazing , you’ve given me such a new perspective on things, and I’m so pleased!...I’ve been feeling calmer and clearer. I like having hope and I like having a plan. Thanks again for your help, I’m sure that the wisdom of your advice will continue to unfold, and you’ll be hearing from me!

M. | Entrepreneur


Wow!! How Thrilling!!! …Gorgeous!
Not only did my website get a sleek new look, but my whole brand got a facelift! Pamela Morgan Lifestyle isn’t just about the food, travel and recipes anymore.
Pamela Morgan | Chef, Author, Event Planner


I’ve trusted the creative aspects of my brand with Jade Dressler for over 10 years now. Her teams have grown my content and social media. We are now on our second site development, with very robust content and e-commerce. A pro. I trust her wholeheartedly with my brand.

Dr. Vincent Pedre | Integrative Physician, Author of Happy Gut


I love working with Jade Dressler! She is very thoughtful, insightful, and uniquely creative. Jade rebranded my company aesthetic and designed my new website.
I’m thrilled with the result. 
She brings her sage ability to listen, create and innovate to every project which makes for a very easy process. I will always appreciate that! I’m thinking about a new marketing campaign now and look forward to working with Jade again!
Marie Aiello | Interior Designer

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