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A GPS for life.
A Design Sync of our Bodies, our Spaces, our World.


Success comes when we move in evolved steps from place to place, following treasure maps of mastery and yet … designing our own journey aligned with the flow of universal patterns.


system is a new take on ancient treasure maps

The treasure sought is engaged awareness and a balanced relationship of Body to Spaces to the sacred geometry of Earth.


The energetic technology of 9 STAR PASSPORT insights, symbols, rituals, and solutions is inspired by systems of healing traditions found in many cultures. Its richness echoes the same coding of the Native American Medicine Wheel; the Incan Cross; and the Yantras of Yoga. The navigation map of 9 life areas comes from Feng Shui’s Bagua and the movement on the map from the Tracing The Nine Stars ritual of the Black Hat Sect Esoteric Buddhist School of Feng Shui.

Mathematicians call these patterns of evolvement Magic Squares. Artists call this the golden ratio and science calls these timeless alignments fractals; expanding and evolving symmetry; or constructal law. We call it EFFECTIVE.

The 9 STAR PASSPORT system brings modern connection, insight and alignment … from the syncing of plans and intentions; to the design of private or public spaces; to the development of a new brand or even to a new sense of Self.

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