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public space

Before you design, buy, build or renovate, this custom consultation is tailored for architects, developers, designers, planners and real estate professionals as a complet...
Across The Miles : Remote Plan Review
3 hr
Before designing, deciding to rent or buy, or development and renovations, this on-site consultation for architects, designers, developers, planners or real estate profes...
Hello! I'm Here! Site Visit Consult
6 hr
Before designing, deciding to rent or buy, or the development and renovations of a space, this consultation can be structured as a monthly retainer service or at an hourl...
The Co-Pilot : Planning Partnership
1 hr
Custom retainer
This consultation is perfect for new development teams, realtors, or owners of any space on the market too long. Get perspective on the issues and bring in fresh energy. ...
Departures + Arrivals
5 hr

BRAND space

This in-depth series of consults is perfect for growing lifestyle personalities, experts, start up and legacy brands considering a repositioning, a pivot or brands lookin...
9 Star Passport "Brand Wellness Retreat"
9 hr
Get a taste of The 9 Star Passport in this one hour consult! Together we review your brand goals and your current brand visuals and verbals across platforms. We explore t...
Amp My Brand
1 hr
This 3-hour group creative activity explores personal energy within the interdependence of groups and communities. Fun, creative work with the 9 Star Passport works both ...
Group Hug : Team Building
Started Sep 30, 2020

private space

Before you design, rent, buy, build or renovate, this remote consultation offers assessment of energy and gives alignment cures for a living space from one room to an ent...
Across The Miles : Floor Plan Review
3 hr
This consult offers a complete overview of energy issues in a space. Specifically to clear stagnant or low energy spaces, this package offers a look into how to adjust an...
The Spaceship Clearing Consult
5 hr
This consultation reveals rituals specifically designed to clear stagnant or low energy spaces and life situations.
Spaceship Clearing Rituals
3 hr
The monthly fee allows unlimited digital questions per month. Recommended for those who have had sessions with us and like to keep body, space and prospects moving, updat...
Red Envelope : Monthly Unlimited
1 hr
Prices Vary
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